Team Angel

Team Members:

  • Participant 1: Chris Skrable
  • Participant 2: Angel Ortiz

Beneficiary I am raising funds for: Pediatric Aids Chicago Prevention Initiative

Reason for raising Funds: We love PACPI! Angel ran the marathon for them in 2017, and Angel and Chris are running it for them together in 2018, so this is a wonderful chance to support them while we run (a much shorter distance) together. More broadly, anything we can do to support pro-woman efforts -- and pro-inclusion efforts -- is more important than ever in this time of officially sanctioned misogyny, exclusion, disempowerment, and distrust. We're all feeling the effects of last year's disastrous political events; this is a chance to do something positive to maintain and build upon the energy of creative protest that emerged in the wake of the election. Sign us up!

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