League of Women Voters

Team Members:

  • Participant 1: Catherine Mardikes
  • Participant 2: Anthony Cardoza
  • Participant 3: Julia Frederick
  • Participant 4: Jennifer Mitchell
  • Participant 5: Anne Jamieson
  • Participant 6: Michael Cardoza
  • Participant 7: Jenna Wasserman
  • Participant 8: Ann Lindsey
  • Participant 9: Annie Logue
$675 of $1,000 raised

Beneficiary I am raising funds for: League of Women Voters of Chicago

Reason for raising Funds: The League of Women Voters of Chicago is thrilled to join so many wonderful women's organizations; for when women come together great things happen. The Pink Hat Run embodies the power of just such collective efforts. For our part, we hope to raise funds to help expand our membership to amplify our good work in voter service activities such as voter registration, information for voters, poll watching, and candidate debates/forums; education of its members and the public to lobby government on selected issues; and observation of the functioning of governmental bodies to monitor their accountability and transparency.

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